Clearing a level
If you are having trouble getting to grips with the basics, and the help section in the game didn't help, you can watch a video of level 5.

The Groupie - special chip
The Groupie can be moved around the board like a normal chip, and is removed when a group it is touching is cleared from the board. This is useful for clearing ungrouped chips.

The Bomb - special chip
When The Bomb explodes, it destroys all chips it is touching that are not part of a group.

The Rock - special chip
The Rock has a 2 chip damage radius. It will not smash grouped chips, and will no necessarily destroy all chips in it's range.

Rubber-Band - special chip
The Rubber-Band chip bounces around the board and destroys any single chip it touches. Like The Bomb, and The Rock, it will not destroy chips in a group.